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19 November 2011 @ 01:06 am
Welcome to ontd_1d! An ontd spin-off community dedicated to the band One Direction! 
Posts are locked but membership is open for everyone moderated at the moment. 

Feel free to take a promotional icon:
credit logan_lerman

credit con_clase

This is a community all about fun and One Direction so please ask yourself seriously if you like those things before you join this community. There is going to be a lot of sarcasm and hyperbolic comments in this community due to its nature of being an ontd type community SO DISCLAIMER!! We are still in the process of developing this community so everything is still being sorted out. Any racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, transphobic etc type remarks will not be tolerated. Also, rude behaviour towards any members will NOT be appreciated so let's just stick with common sense when it comes to posting! The mods will pm you if you if there is an issue. Just be nice and fun! Try watching your tone even though it's difficult since it's the internet but be aware if the person you are being sarcastic to has the mutual understanding that you are just kidding around.

When submitting a post*:
- Provide a source if needed
- Any type of One Direction post is welcomed (discussion, news, gossip)
- The nature of your post will likely factor into when it will be posted (i.e. urgent/new news will be posted as quickly as possible)
- Make sure to make the post members only
- Try tagging the best that you can
- If you are posting icons or graphics, post them all here but you can still post a link to your journal (so do not post just a teaser and then link to your journal)

- Membership is moderated at the moment
- Mods hold the right to remove inactive members (inspired by ontd_downton)

General Rules:
- No offensive comments will be tolerated
- No trolling especially if it's unfunny
- Since this community is moderated and posts are locked, do not post comments from here in other places without permission
- No promotion unless given direct permission from the mods
- Do not go off-topic comments in posts (except if it's clearly marked to be a FFA) if they are still on-topic since it's annoying and it just ruins the point of this being an One Direction community
- We are lenient with off-topic comments at the moment but if they go out of hand, we will make changes

Message me (mountainblack) for general concerns or questions. Message likejesussaid for membership related concerns.

*Since we are still getting this community off the grounds, rules are subject to change. 
We hope to see you as an active member <3